On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Starfire Tor will be interviewed by Jay Pee on Ever Beyond Radio out of Scotland. The show is titled "The Time Shift Effect", and Starfire will be talking about many different aspects of her discoveries, research, and experiences. So, Time Shift mark your calendar and enjoy the interview. You just never know what Starfire Tor might say. Go here

Marie D. Jones interviewed Starfire Tor for her 2012 book “This Book Is From The Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Wormholes, and Other Adventures In Time Travel” by Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman. In this wide ranging interview, Starfire Tor talks about Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, Reality Shifts, and the impact that these items have on people and the planet. Starfire Tor also talks about Time Travel, and explains how to tell the difference between authentic Time Travel claims, and Time Travel hoaxes. Go here:


The Unethical Hijacking of Starfire Tor’s
Unique Discovery and Research
The Time Shift Effect and
The Time Shift Living Dead

Alternate realities, in the form of co-existing time lines, are real and can produce countless numbers of conscious dual time line memory conflicts. The Nelson Mandela dual memory conflict enigma is one of them. The Nelson Mandela mystery, and the solution to that mystery, was first introduced to the public by Starfire Tor. It was part of her unique Time Shift discoveries, and research, into a Time Shift Effect called The Time Shift Living Dead. This important report sets the record straight, about how The Mandela Effect came about through the hijacking, corruption, and misuse of Starfire Tor’s pioneering work. Not only does this report, reveal how and why The Mandela Effect meme and scheme was designed to intentionally deceive the public, the report reveals how and why authentic dual time line memory conflicts work.



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