I have a fund raiser set up, for my long awaited groundbreaking book "THE TIME SHIFT EFFECT". I am the person who discovered Time Shifts, Time Line Edits, the Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, the workings of Time Travel, the origins of the cosmos and life on planet Earth, the Dark Matter Aberration - the source of all evil, and the Unified Field Theory of Psi - the foundation science/psience that explains everything paranormal and psychic. All of these discoveries are connected, and together they comprise the Holy Grail of hidden and forbidden knowledge.

Many of you have listened to my interviews on radio, watched me on TV, read my many reports and articles, enjoyed the unique information on my website, and followed me on social media. Now, you can show your support, by donating to my fundraiser. Naturally, I consider it to be a very good cause - and I hope that you will too.

Go to my fundraiser page, where you will learn the reason why this fundraiser is needed. You will also find out more about my incredible book “THE TIME SHIFT EFFECT”.


On Friday, June  22, 2018, Starfire Tor will be interviewed by Whitley Strieber.  



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