Starfire Tor's Road To Recovery

I am reaching out because my life depends on the generosity of others to fund my road to recovery. One day I was perfectly fine. Then, on November 4, 2014, I was suddenly stricken with a brain seizure of unknown origin. I've never had a brain seizure in my life. I was hospitalized for a long time, followed by months of debilitating suffering due to the medications that I was given. I’ve been on 24/7 home care ever since. My huge medical bills have drained my life savings, and there are more medical expenses to come. I need the money from this fundraising campaign to make sure that my road to recovery can continue and I can be well again. Please help me recover by donating to my “Starfire Tor’s Road To Recovery” campaign fund. Please click on the link and donate. And please share my fundraising campaign with all of your friends and associates on social media and please encourage them to donate too. 

Much Love and Thanks,
Starfire Tor


This Is The Reason Starfire Tor Is Alive Today
The Fund Raising Continues

Thanks to the friends who made this poster for my fundraising page. I can tell you all, a year after I first encountered the 'medical professionals' who nearly caused my death, that miracles do happen and that the power to heal is very real indeed. I always knew that the power to heal was real. I've helped many others, over many years, to recover their own health against the odds. I used a focus prayer technique that I developed called "Reality Shift Healing". IMHO, the technique works because it combines a specialized focused human brain and soul with the help of Angels and The Divine. I can now personally attest to what it is like to be facing death - and then be given another chance at life. I am so grateful, not just for this second chance at life, but to those of you who participated in my initial Reality Shift Healing. I also deeply appreciate those of you who kindly donated to my fundraising campaign - and to those who will donate in the future.

Some of you may wonder why I am still promoting my 'Road To Recovery' fund raising campaign. The answer is very simple: I'm still alive. Although I experienced this incredible life giving miracle, I still need the help of care givers to assist me in my healing journey. Even though I am doing remarkably well, for a person who would have been dead a year ago, my full recovery is still a work in progress. My care givers are a main key to my recovery. Sadly, my insurance does not cover at home care givers and so I pay for this service out of my own pocket. The expense is huge, and has caused the loss of my savings. Regardless, I'm just glad that I initially had the funds to support my healing needs and continued life.

This is why I am asking for your support of continued life through fund raiser donations. Your donations go to paying for my care givers, as well as other needed medical expenses not covered by my insurance. I still see doctors [new ones and not those who harmed me], need medical tests, and so forth. Having my caregivers means that I have the support to continue my healing journey. I can slowly get back into my pre-medical crisis life. It means that I can finish writing my new my book “Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory of Psi: The Greatest Secrets Of Life and The Multiverse Revealed”. My book will include information on Reality Shift Healing.

During this holiday time of sharing. please consider donating to my 'Road To Recovery' fund raiser. I know that money can be tight, especially at this time of year, but even a donation of $10 makes a difference. Perhaps you can encourage others to donate $10 as well, and they in turn can encourage others to donate $10. Of course you can donate more than $10 if you like and have the means. Thanks.

Starfire Tor
Please donate and share

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